Aims, Mission, Vision

HOPES Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation, working towards the development of housing options for people living with a disability.

Our Aims

  1. Continue the development of co-operative housing options for adult Tasmanians living with acquired and/or neurological disabilities, which will;

  2. Support an environment which encourages residents independence and personal growth in a community setting;

  3. Facilitate opportunities for residents to be involved in a supportive community;

  4. Foster an environment which promotes equity, integrity and respect within the community;

  5. Provide access and increased options for respite and transitional support; and

  6. Advocate for innovative housing solutions for people living with disability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support adults in Tasmania living with acquired and/or neurological disabilities to achieve independence by living in a co-operative community environment.

Our Vision

Optimising accommodation, social and economic independence for all people living with acquired and/or neurological disabilities in Tasmania.


  1. Access and participate in inclusive, accessible and well-designed cooperative accommodation

  2. Achieve personal goals and actively engage in a good community life;

  3. Advocate for and promote cooperative community options.