Laetare Court

Laetare Court is the first successfully established housing community for people with an acquired brain injury in Tasmania.

Laetare Court Community

Our first co-operative community was established at Moonah in 2010 – comprising 13 independent living units, plus a community house.

The residential units are currently occupied and the community house is functioning as a shared space for all residents. Residents meet at the Community House once a month for a resident meeting to discuss regular activities, plan upcoming events, organise rosters and share information with each other.

The residents take turns each month preparing the resident meeting agenda, as well as also chairing the meeting. The day to day running of the community, from taking the bins out through to managing the residents funds, are also discussed.

  • residents working in garden
  • Laetare Court at Moonah is our first
    co-operative community – comprising 13 independent living units.

Personal Support

HOPES does not directly employ personal staff, with the belief it is important to separate accommodation and personal support. This enables people to always choose or change their own individual support.  

Residents are responsible for organising their own support providers and workers, however HOPES is able to support residents in this process if required.

Residents can also look at working with the same provider if feasible, to reduce costs associated with travel and improve flexibility of service delivery.

Community Activities

Laetare Court residents decide and are involved in planning and organising what activities happen in their community. Regular activities include:

  • The Community House Gym which is currently being used by several residents.

  • Gardening Group including lawn maintenance, gardening and fruit tree maintenance, as well as the community vegetable garden maintenance.

  • Our Walking Group which occurs on a fortnightly basis in the community and sometimes includes a coffee outing.

  • Arts and Crafts which is run fortnightly by a volunteer where beautiful cards and crafts are made.
    Games Day
    where residents show their competitive side and play various board and card games with each other.
    Laetare Horizons where residents get together to create the seasonal Laetare Chronicle (newsletter), go on social outings and complete other activities.
    Shared Lunches where residents bring along a plates of sweet and savoury dishes to share with residents.

  • Other events such as BBQ's, celebrations and fundraising for other organisations are also regular occurrences throughout the year.

Who can live at HOPES?

Applicant Criteria

There are certain criteria that people wishing to apply for a home in the HOPES Inc community should meet, including:

  • Have an acquired brain injury or neurological condition;

  • Have an interest in community co-operative living, and be willing to have some shared responsibilities; and participate on an ongoing basis in the co-operative;

  • Have an interest in community co-operative living, and be willing to have some shared responsibilities; and participate on an ongoing basis in the co-operative;

  • Be 18 years or over, and under 65 when applying;

  • Agree to abide by the community rules;

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Our Future Project

Following the success of our first community at Laetare Court, HOPES Inc has undertaken extensive research to assess the needs and requirements for a second community development.

We are also seeking expressions of interest from potential residents, as well as prospectus investors, areas of suitable land or those with ideas.

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