Suitable Land

Find out how you can help if you know of any suitable areas of land currently, or potentially available.

How you can help

Beyond financial investment, you may know of current or potential land that may be of use for our Future Housing Project.

Following our initial concept designs with Cykel Architecture, HOPES Inc is excited about the potential of the project to be flexible around any potential land that is available.

Initial estimates place suitable areas of land for twelve units at approximately  5,700m2 or potentially eight units around 4,000m2.

What We Are Looking For

Our extensive research and feedback has informed the following criteria for a new development:

  • a level site, suitable for wheelchairs and within easy access of a community/ shopping centre;

  • ready access to public transport and services;

  • a safe/secure environment;

  • an environment which encourages community interaction and interconnectedness;

  • an environment which builds on and supports informal networks, and helps remove feeling of social isolation; and,

  • an environment which promotes individual’s respect, integrity and wellbeing.

Suitable Land Expression Form

Please enter in the comments below any address or information you may know of that may be suitable for the HOPES Inc Future Housing Project. Alternatively please submit your details and we can contact you to further discuss.

Please note that by filling in and submitting this form:

  • HOPES will not share your information without your signed consent

  • Submitting this Expression of Interest does not obligate you or HOPES to any commitment

  • You can contact HOPES for further information

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